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Archive for April 2015

What’s A Mil?

How many times have you read a technical data sheet only to see square footage measured in mil thickness?  What exactly is a mil?  A mil is defined as a thousandth of an inch.  Which does not exactly help us applicators.  So when we use the term mil thickness we’re thinking of how many square…

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Should I trust water-based epoxies?

New technology drives innovation in all things from cars to coatings.  Water-based epoxies are no exception.  In the past, water based epoxies were no more than modified 2-part acrylics, which contained more water than resins.  Although these coatings looked great after application, longevity and durability suffered.  No one, from the architect, engineer or contractor needs early coating failure. So,…

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Is it wise to skip the vapor barrier?

I’m sure you’ve been here before, moisture tests on the slab show signs of moisture, but then someone decides to forego the moisture vapor barrier sealant.  Then months or even days later, after the install, the floor buckles.   Now all fingers point back at the flooring installer or the product manufacturer.  A highly publicized case of…

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