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100% Solids Polyaspartic – LOW VOC – No Odor

Poly-Shell 1000

100% Solids Polyaspartic Floor Coating

Poly-Shell 1000 contains nanotechnology for excellent flow and levelling. It is extremely resistance to heat (temps up to 350°F), UV rays, and a variety of harsh chemicals, including salt, motor oil, gasoline, mek, and Acetone. It has outstanding scratch and mar resistance. Poly Shell is also flexible and allows for natural concrete movement without cracking or peeling, making this the ideal system for either indoor or outdoor applications.


  • Nationwide VOC Compliant
  • VOC < 50, SCAQMD Approved, No Odor
  • Longer working times
  • Premium wet edge giving applicators adequate time to install
  • Versatile – Broadcast Floors, Chip Floors and Slurry/Broadcast Systems
  • Outstanding Gloss Retention
  • Highly Chemical Resistant
  • Outstanding Scratch and Mar Resistance
  • Available in: – Clear Small Kit: 1 Gallons, Gloss Item #241002



✓ Restaurants

✓ Hospital & Care Facilities

✓ Manufacturing Plants

✓ Stadiums

✓ Universities

✓ Residenetial Garage Floors / Driveways

✓ Kennels

✓ Veterinary Hospitals

Data Sheets

SK HP Poly-Shell 1000 Technical Data Sheet

Application Guide

Poly-Shell Application Guide

Product Spec

Poly-Shell 1000 Product Specification


Poly-Shell 1000 Slow Cure

Poly-Shell 1000 Part A

Poly-Shell 1000 Part B

Poly-Shell Color Pack Black

Poly-Shell Color Pack Blue

Poly-Shell Color Pack Gray

Poly-Shell Color Pack Green

Poly-Shell Color Pack Red

Poly-Shell Color Pack Armor Gray

Poly-Shell Color Pack Slate Gray

Poly-Shell Color Pack Sand

Poly-Shell Color Pack Sahara Desert

Poly-Shell Color Pack Brickstone

Poly-Shell Color Pack Black Knight

Poly-Shell Color Pack Safety Yellow

Poly-Shell Color Pack Safety Blue

Poly-Shell Color Pack Custom Color

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