Residential Flooring

  • Garages
  • Interior floors
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Porches

* Poly-Shell Sparse Flake System
- Charcoal Gray w/ Black Marble Flakes

Residential flooring offers yet another unique set of flooring challenges.  With residential customers being budget conscious, and the range of flooring options in a residential environment, you need a solution from Seal-Krete HP.  We offer coatings in all budget ranges and several flooring options.  From a simple but time tested solid color Epoxy-Shell 1000, to the elegant and durable Metallics systems, Seal-Krete HP has you covered.


Don’t forget to consult with our team of professionals to help you decide which floor would best suit your needs.

We also offer the following systems for Residential flooring:


Solid Color System

Solid color, high gloss coating for both interior / exterior commercial and industrial use.  Consists of two coats of Poly-Shell or Epoxy-Shell Tinted with a Poly-Shell Clear top-coat.  Solid Color System is the most economical solution for a chemical and abrasion resistant flooring system and provides unmatched performance when rapid return-to-service is required.

Sparse Flake System

Designed for interior / exterior light industrial or residential use.  A durable, high gloss finish that consists of sparsely broadcast vinyl paint chips suspended in a layer of Poly-Shell Clear or Epoxy-Shell Clear and top-coated with Poly-Shell Clear.  This system is both durable and chemical resistant.



Double Flake System

A double-broadcast, multiple coat flake system in which full coverage vinyl paint chips are suspended in two layers of Poly-Shell or Epoxy-Shell Clear and top-coated with Poly-Shell Clear for added durability and chemical resistance.  Excellent hiding makes this the perfect system for irregular or imperfect interior/exterior concrete floors.


Single Broadcast Quartz System

Ideal for both interior/exterior light industrial and residential applications.  A single coat of colored quartz aggregate is broadcast into Poly-Shell or Epoxy-Shell Tinted and sealed with Poly-Shell or Epoxy-Shell clear, providing a long-lasting maintenance-free floor.  This economical quartz floor has a faster return-to-service.

62061_SK High Performance Brochure.pdf

Double Broadcast System

A seamless, double-broadcast polyaspartic quartz system for interior/exterior use designed for maximum durability and ultimate protection. Multiple layers of colored quartz are broadcast into Poly-Shell Clear and top-coated with Poly-Shell Clear for added protection and chemical resistance. This ultra-durable system is available in standard and custom quartz color combinations.

Metallic Systems

Metallic systems are applied using Epoxy-Shell with a Poly-Shell topcoat.  Metallic pigments add an elegant one-of-a-kind look to these durable floors.

First apply a primer coat of Epoxy-Shell Tinted (use Black Knight #950 for dark colors or use a light-colored primer for light metallics). Pigments are then mixed with Epoxy-Shell and applied on top of primer.  A topcoat of Poly-Shell is recommended for additional chemical and abrasion resistance.

Metallics are available in 9 colors that can be mixed to create hundreds of color combinations and custom looks.


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