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Epoxy-Shell 100% Solids self leveling epoxy

Epoxy-Shell 1000

Epoxy-Shell 1000 is a 100% solids self leveling epoxy coating system

Epoxy-Shell blends durability with outstanding adhesion properties, allowing it to be used on a variety of substrates including concrete, tile, and laminates.  Its great value, slower dry time, and low odor formulation makes Epoxy-Shell ideal for larger indoor application areas.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Outstanding adhesion to a variety of substrates, including concrete, quarry tile and plywood floors
  • Chemical resistant
  • Apply from 50° to 90°F
  • Easier application with slower dry times
  • No lap lines – Excellent Self-leveling properties
  • Easy to mix 2:1 ratio
  • Mixed VOC <50 g/L (per EPA Method 24)


CARB – Yes
LEED 09 CI – Yes
LEED 09 NC  – Yes
Canada VOC – Yes


Epoxy-Shell 1000 Floors

  • Self leveling –for ease of application and the “Sheet of Glass” look
  • Decorative Solid Color -slip-resistant, aesthetically pleasing that is easy to clean
  • Quartz System –decorative quartz broadcast into epoxy with good anti-slip properties
  • Flake Systems – colored flakes sandwiched between epoxy within the floors for decoration also create a slightly rough surface that resists slips and falls
  • Metallic epoxy -decorative option for the unique one-off look


✓ Laboratories

✓ School hallways, bathrooms

✓ Animal care faclities

✓ Manufacturing plants, warehouses

✓ Pharmaceutical facilites

✓ Research facilities

✓ Hospitals

✓ Cafeterias, restaurants, kitchens

✓ Detention facilities

✓ Retail stores, showrooms

Product spec

Epoxy-Shell 1000 Specification
Solid Color System Specification
Sparse Flake Specification

Double Flake Specification
Single Quartz Broadcast Specification
Double Quartz Broadcast Specification

Data Sheets

US Technical Data Sheet

Canadian Technical Data Sheet

Application Guide

Epoxy-Shell Color Chart


Epoxy-Shell 1000 Part A

Epoxy-Shell 1000 Part B

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SDS – Canada

Epoxy-Shell 1000 Part A 

Epoxy-Shell 1000 Part B

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