Epoxy-Shell 1000

Epoxy-Shell 1000 is a 100% solids self leveling epoxy coating system

Epoxy-Shell blends durability with outstanding adhesion properties, allowing it to be used on a variety of substrates including concrete, tile, and laminates.  Its great value, slower dry time, and low odor formulation makes Epoxy-Shell ideal for larger indoor application areas.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Outstanding adhesion to a variety of substrates, including concrete, quarry tile and plywood floors
  • Chemical resistant
  • Apply from 50° to 90°F
  • Easier application with slower dry times
  • No lap lines - Excellent Self-leveling properties
  • Easy to mix 2:1 ratio
  • Mixed VOC <50 g/L (per EPA Method 24)


CARB - Yes
LEED 09 CI - Yes
LEED 09 NC  - Yes
Canada VOC - Yes


Epoxy-Shell 1000 Floors

  • Self leveling –for ease of application and the "Sheet of Glass" look
  • Decorative Solid Color -slip-resistant, aesthetically pleasing that is easy to clean
  • Quartz System –decorative quartz broadcast into epoxy with good anti-slip properties
  • Flake Systems – colored flakes sandwiched between epoxy within the floors for decoration also create a slightly rough surface that resists slips and falls
  • Metallic epoxy -decorative option for the unique one-off look


✓ Laboratories

✓ School hallways, bathrooms

✓ Animal care faclities

✓ Manufacturing plants, warehouses

✓ Pharmaceutical facilites

✓ Research facilities

✓ Hospitals

✓ Cafeterias, restaurants, kitchens

✓ Detention facilities

✓ Retail stores, showrooms

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