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Polyaspartic Concrete Floor Coating.

Poly-Shell 7000

Utilizing the latest development in Polyaspartic coating technology, Poly-Shell is the most durable coating available

It dries quickly and provides unparalleled rapid return-to-service.  It is extremely resistant to heat (temps up to 350°F), UV rays, and a variety of harsh chemicals, including salt, oil, and gasoline.  Poly-Shell is also flexible and allows for natural concrete movement without cracking or peeling, making this system ideal for either indoor or outdoor applications.


  • Fewer lap-lines with better flow and leveling
  • Return the floor to service in hours not days
  • Resistant to hot oil splashes – up to 350°F
  • Apply from -20° to 130°F
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Indoor / outdoor applications
  • For use in high traffic areas – superior resistance to abrasion and impact
  • Will not yellow



✓ Restaurants, commercial kitchens

✓ Hospitals and care facilities

✓ Manufacturing plants, warehouses

✓ Showrooms

✓ Airplane hangers

✓ Stadiums, universities

✓ Residential garage floors, driveways, patios

✓ Kennels

✓ Commercial restrooms

✓ Shop floors

Product Spec

Poly-Shell 7000 Product Specification
Solid Color System Product Specification
Sparse Flake System
Double Flake System
Single Quartz Broadcast System

Double Quartz Broadcast System

Data Sheets

US Technical Data Sheet

Canadian Technical Data Sheet

Application Guide


Poly-Shell 7000 Gloss & Satin Part A


Poly-Shell Colorant SDS

Poly-Shell 7000 Part B

Poly-Shell 7000 Part A

Poly-Shell 7000 Clear 2 Part Kit 2 Gallon

Poly-Shell 7000 Clear 2 Part Kit 10 Gallon

Poly-Shell 7000 Satin 2 Part Kit 2 Gallon


SDS – Canada

Product Calulator

Poly-Shell 7000 Product Calculator / Estimator

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