Poly-Shell 7000

Utilizing the latest development in Polyaspartic coating technology, Poly-Shell is the most durable coating available

It dries quickly and provides unparalleled rapid return-to-service.  It is extremely resistant to heat (temps up to 350°F), UV rays, and a variety of harsh chemicals, including salt, oil, and gasoline.  Poly-Shell is also flexible and allows for natural concrete movement without cracking or peeling, making this system ideal for either indoor or outdoor applications.


  • Fewer lap-lines with better flow and leveling
  • Return the floor to service in hours not days
  • Resistant to hot oil splashes - up to 350°F
  • Apply from 30° to 90°F
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Indoor / outdoor applications
  • For use in high traffic areas - superior resistance to abrasion and impact
  • Will not yellow


24 hour fast return to service.


✓ Restaurants, commercial kitchens

✓ Hospitals and care facilities

✓ Manufacturing plants, warehouses

✓ Showrooms

✓ Airplane hangers

✓ Stadiums, universities

✓ Residential garage floors, driveways, patios

✓ Kennels

✓ Commercial restrooms

✓ Shop floors

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