I’m sure you’ve been here before, moisture tests on the slab show signs of moisture, but then someone decides to forego the moisture vapor barrier sealant.  Then months or even days later, after the install, the floor buckles.   Now all fingers point back at the flooring installer or the product manufacturer.  A highly publicized case of flooring failure is the NYPD’s 45,000 square foot Police Academy gym.  According to nypost.com the flooring failure and subsequent buckling was due to a cost saving decision to forgo installing a moisture vapor barrier. Now they have a 45,000 square foot mistake.  So what is a flooring contractor to do?  Walk away, take the risk of repair, or just hold your breath and hope for the best?  We at Seal-Krete High Performance understand your dilemma.  We know that adding another layer of product could cause you to loose the bid due to increased cost.  So we developed a stand-alone, gray in color, moisture-mitigating 100% epoxy barrier.  No longer will you need a barrier and a primer.  Our new Vapor-Shell reduces moisture vapor emissions as high as 28 pounds per 1000 square feet, in as little as 24 hours.  So be safe and protected against moisture failures with SEAL-KRETE VAPOR-SHELL.