New technology drives innovation in all things from cars to coatings.  Water-based epoxies are no exception.  In the past, water based epoxies were no more than modified 2-part acrylics, which contained more water than resins.  Although these coatings looked great after application, longevity and durability suffered.  No one, from the architect, engineer or contractor needs early coating failure.

So, should I trust the new water-based epoxy technology?  Water-based coatings have come a long way in recent years.  With the government push to lower voc’s, a few companies stepped up to offer their customers a true replacement to the solvent based coatings.  Today the truly innovative water-based epoxies are built on the technology that made the 100% solids epoxies so reliable.  Seal-Krete’s Epoxy-Shell WB 250 contains such a technology.  Based on a hybrid oil-based epoxy resin Epoxy-Shell WB 250 offers the same performance as 100% solids technology with water cleanup, quicker dry times, and increased breathability which reduces blistering and peeling.

It’s not about who makes it to market first, but who is the first to get it right!

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