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Stunning new floor coating turns heads at paint store

For Steve Haugh, first impressions mean everything—especially in his new paint store. Having just moved into a much larger storefront, Haugh wanted to make a statement on the floors of his retail space, 21st Century Paints in Holland, Ohio.

“With nearly 2,500 square feet to cover, I wanted something impressive but not too over-the top,” Haugh said. “I was looking for something subtle but dramatic at the same time.”

Haugh connected with Kevin Peterjohn, an area manager with Rust-Oleum who recommended Seal-Krete HP Epoxy-Shell 1000.

“We went with a warm caramel metallic finish,” Peterjohn said. “That struck the right balance the owner was hoping for.”

Peterjohn says crews had to get the job done quickly and perfectly to minimize any business disruption.

The coatings application also served as a training session, Peterjohn explained.

“This turned out to be a great teaching session for store staff and a number of contractors looking for more experience with metallics,” he said. “They wanted to know more about how the coating can be applied in basements, garages and more. They really loved it.”

Staff and contractors weren’t the only ones impressed by the finished product. Haugh said he’s been getting positive vibes from customers.

“We’re getting a lot of compliments from people coming through the door,” Haugh said. “They’ve been asking if it’s hard to apply and how much it costs. They’re definitely impressed and interested in purchasing the product.”