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Showroom floor at Volvo dealer gets a new life

The last thing this busy car dealer needed was a disruption in service. The showroom floor needed a makeover and the work had to be done quickly and flawlessly.

Borton Volvo, Golden Valley, MN

What was the biggest challenge on this job?
The crew encountered a lot of cracks in the concrete. Much patching needed to be done and a quick return to service was a must. Work started on Friday night and was completed by Tuesday morning.

What was the substrate?

What products were used?
Seal-Krete HP, Armor Gray Performance Epoxy, Seal-Krete HP POLYSHELL 7000, tinted to Armor Gray

What was the size of the project in square feet?
8,500 square feet

How long did your portion of the job take to complete?
Two and a half days