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Rockets and satellites deserve the finest floors

As SpaceX and Astro Pak continue to buy up land and older buildings near their existing facilities for manufacturing and production of advanced rockets and spacecraft, the flooring inside the newly purchased buildings needed some help.

Rust-Oleum Area Manager Eric Mitchell and Architect & Engineering Business Specialist, David Brown recommended Seal-Krete HP products. The optimized flooring solutions were chosen because they could withstand multiple kinds of chemicals, including ionized water.

“This was the first building that was being renovated,” Mitchell said. “It’s going to be used for cleaning satellite and rocket parts.”

The flooring began as a bare concrete slab about 15,000 square feet in size. David Brown came up with a system of Seal Krete High Performance Vapor Barrier, Seal Krete High Performance Epoxy Shell 1000 Extended Pot Life 100% Solids Epoxy with a sand broadcast as the intermediate coat and 8200 Overkote Smooth Chemical Resistant 100% Solid Epoxy as the topcoat.

This project took four days to complete, which was within the projected estimate.

“The floor coating was completed on time. This helped other trades, working on the building, to stay on schedule,” Mitchell said. “This should lead to other opportunities on future renovations.”

Satellites and rockets will be recovered and cleaned on this floor before they are sent back into space. It was truly and out-of-this-world project.