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Underground pedestrian tunnel proves challenging

A Minneapolis apartment complex needed underground pedestrian tunnels repaired and recoated. As these are heavily used passageways for residents heading to the parking garage, a quick return to service was essential.

Hirshfields Edina Highland Villa Apartments

Biggest Challenge:
The property managers and apartment complex board of directors needed to completely understand the scope of the project and what was going to be done. They needed reassurance that disruptions would be minimal and a quick return to service was guaranteed.

What problems were solved?
Working in confined space underground necessitated using products with no odor. As expected, checking for and solving for moisture problems were key.

What products were used?
Concrete Saver, Epoxy Shell 1000, Autumn Blend Chips, Seal-Krete Poly Shell 1000

What substrate?
Old, worn carpet

Size of project:
3,700 square feet

Time to complete:
3 days