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Two-tone metallic coating demands applicator skill

Inspired by a YouTube video, a homeowner wanted a cool metallic finish for his garage floor. A local contractor was hired for the job. As this was the contractor’s first attempt at applying a two-tone metallic coating, everything needed to be done right, the first time.

Private residence, Maricopa, AZ

What problems were solved?
Fortunately, the contractor was experienced with industrial coatings and wasn’t intimidated by this job. However, as this was the first time he was applying two colors on the same floor, there were some challenges. A Seal-Krete HP area rep consulted on this job and coached the contractor on how not to over-work the application of the colors that could have resulted one muted color instead of two distinct shades. The project was successful.

What products were used?
Seal-Krete HP Epoxyshell 1000 with added metallic color, Dura-Shell Urethane,

What primer?
WB50 Black Primer, 

What substrate?
Concrete, prepped by grinding 

Size of project:
400 square feet 

Time to complete project:
1.5 days