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Seal-Krete floor epoxy creates artistic vibe for tattoo shop

Tattoo artist Phillip Spearman knew he needed a floor coating stunning enough to reflect his artistic expertise. Located in an upscale business district in Encino California, he wanted his 2,700 square foot tattoo shop to have the wow factor his clients deserved.

“For me, it’s all about creating energy,” Spearman said. “As an artist, I don’t want limitations or mediocrity. This is more than just a floor. It has to reflect my creativity.”

Spearman connected with Steve Dickenson, an area manager from Rust-Oleum, who suggested SealKrete HP Epoxy-Shell 1000 floor epoxy. The Black Ice and Polished Steel Accent color had just the right vibe.

“There’s just something about the combination of silver and black metallic that tends to draw people in,” Spearman explained.

The floor coating not only nailed the artsy aesthetic, it also had the functional values Spearman wanted.

“He was looking for a monolithic solution from the front door to the back door,” Dickenson explained. “He wanted something easy to clean without seams, cracks or crevices where dirt can hide.”

As Spearman was in a hurry to open the new tattoo shop, application needed to be done quickly and flawlessly.

A painting contractor for more than 30 years, Victor Reyes did the job. He said the Seal-Krete Epoxy-Shell floor epoxy was easy to apply and the perfect choice for this high-end tattoo shop.

“I finished in just under three days,” Reyes said. “The coating is gorgeous and Phillip was really impressed. It’s almost like having art on the floor. It’s just the look he wanted.”

Reyes laid down a top coat using Seal-Krete Epoxy-Shell Polished Steel with Brushed Aluminum Accent.

“This system does a great job at covering any imperfections,” he said. “I’ve been recommending it to a lot of my customers.”

Epoxy-Shell blends durability with outstanding adhesion properties, allowing it to be used on a variety of surfaces including concrete, tile and laminates.  The low-odor formula makes Epoxy-Shell ideal for larger indoor application areas.

“Phillip absolutely loves the look,” Dickenson said. “The 3D effect of the coating mimics the look of the tattoos he creates. And the silver and black colors really capture that inked feeling.”

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