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Public pool back to service in just 72 hours

The floors around a municipal swimming pool in Missouri needed to be coated. The heavily used public facility couldn’t be closed down for an extended period of time. A quick return to service was essential.

Ballwin North Pointe Aquatic Center

Biggest Challenge:
The time crunch to turn the floor back over in 72 hours was the highest hurdle. The second challenge was the need for a UV stable clear coat for exterior exposure, which was solved with the use of Polyshell 7000 clear.

What problems were solved?
Sections of the floor have exterior exposure to UV rays. Seal-Krete HP Poly Shell 7000 clear was the solution.

What products were used?
Seal-Krete ES1000, chip, Poly-Shell 7000 clear. All products proved to be very user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

What substrate?

Size of project:
1,000 square feet

Time to complete:
72 hours