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Metallic shine wows customers at paint store

The floor at this paint store was due for a makeover. The owner wanted the “wow factor” with a metallic finish but needed the job done quickly to minimize disruption to his business. When your store gets shut down for upgrades, time is money.

Spectrum Paint, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Biggest Challenge:
The concrete surface was in bad shape and needed a lot of prep work. Crews had to work quickly and efficiently to complete the job. The coating has to work right the first time. Failure was not an option.

What problems were solved?
Speed of application was helped by having the entire metallic product pre-mixed and ready to go.

What products were used?
Seal-Krete High Performance, Insta-Patch, Pourable Patch, Joint Sealant WB 250, ES1000 Polished Steel, 7000

What substrate?

Size of project:
2,600 square feet

Time to complete:
Seal-Krete product was applied in just a few days. The entire job took about a month to finish.