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Metallic coatings perfect choice for exclusive motorsports club

The M1 Concourse is described as an “87-acre playground for auto enthusiasts that includes a secure community and a state-of-the-art performance track with its own private motorsports club.”

Based in Pontiac, MI, the exclusive club offers more than 250 private garages for members to store their cherished rides. And for these folks, a garage isn’t just a garage. It’s a showcase.

Seal-Krete HP products are proving to be the perfect choice for the floors in these mini-showrooms.

Sam Coschino, an area manager at Rust-Oleum, says the metallic family of Seal-Krete HP coatings are a hit with these car lovers.

“These are people who own Bugattis, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris,” Coschino said. “Some of these cars are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The aesthetic in their garage needs to reflect that classy feel.”

Coschino worked with crew from Armor Tough Coatings for the application in one of the garages. Joe Elmore owns the business. He said it was the first time they used Seal-Krete HP products and was pleased with the performance.

“A standard gray epoxy wouldn’t cut it for these auto enthusiasts,” Elmore said. “They are looking for something really unique and professional. We used the Polished Steel Brush Aluminum and it laid down perfectly.”

Coating over brand new construction helped speed up the job and eliminate common problems, such as having to remove an existing base coat or filling cracks and pits.

“Painting on a fresh concrete pad and steel with no previous coatings really helped,” Coschino said.

It’s not every day you get to prepare a place for some of the finest automobiles in the world. Coschino is embracing the work.

“We love seeing the look on the faces of our customers when they see the finished product,” he said.