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Busy paint store transforms 20-year-old floor


The main floor in a busy professional paint store needed a major makeover. After two decades, the existing floor was in bad shape. The job needed to be done quickly so business could continue uninterrupted.

The project also served as a training session for local contractors and dealer reps who learned more about Seal-Krete Professional products and application techniques.


Guiry’s Inc. Boulder CO 


The application served as a training for five contractors.

Biggest Challenge:

The original coating was more than 20 years old with a lot of cracking and chipping. It needed to be removed, patched and prepped. A quick return to service was essential.

What products were used?

9100 Black Primer, EPOXY SHELL 1000 with Polished Steel and Ocean Blue, POLYSHELL 7000

What substrate?


Size of project:

1,000 square feet

Time to complete:

Less than two days.