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Boat restoration facility demands durable floor coating


Not an ordinary garage, this facility is used to restore Boston Whaler boats. The floor coating needed to be highly resistant to solvents and other fluids that might drip during restoration work. Durability was also key to standing up against wear and tear from trailers moving in and out of the space.


Merritt Island Whaler, Merritt Island, FL

What problems were solved?

Choosing the right color was important. With a mix of daylight coming from skylights along with artificial light sources, the floor needed to be a tone where dropped parts could easily be found. The color had to minimize shadows as much as possible. 

What products were used?

Seal-Krete HP, Epoxy Shell WB250, Poly-Shell 7000 with flakes

What substrate?

The standard concrete slab was in good shape.

Size of project:

3,000 square feet

Time to complete:

3 days, including prep