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2,500 square foot job knocked out in a weekend

The floor in the receiving area at the old Detroit News building was overdue for resurfacing. No longer home to the newspaper staff, the building has been converted into commercial space.

As this is a highly used part of the building the owner couldn’t afford to have the section closed down for a long period of time. They wanted the job done over a weekend so business wouldn’t be affected on Monday.

Bedrock Detroit

Biggest Challenge:
Crews had to race against the clock to get the job done. Speed was essential and the work had to be done right the first time. The select Seal-Krete HP coatings performed flawlessly.

What problems were solved?
Areas of the floor were covered with diamond plating steel grating and much of the concrete substrate was damaged by time and use. The surface needed to be cleaned, sanded and grinded. Damaged concrete was patched and repaired.

What products were used?
Seal-Krete HP, Fast Cure Patching Tubes, 9100 Epoxy Mastic with Fast Cure Activator, Poly Shell 7000 Clear Gloss, 1/4” Vinyl Color Chips

What substrate?
Bare concrete along with old diamond plate with tight rust and steel tracking

Size of project:
2,500 square feet

Time to complete:
2 days