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Dura-Shell Water based urethane concrete coating.


Dura-Shell is a durable two-part water-based aliphatic urethane that provides both heat and chemical resistance and excellent protection against UV rays

Dura-Shell is formulated with a high tolerance for moisture and excellent bonding strength, making it ideal for indoor / outdoor areas and light industrial projects.


  • Superior resistance to shrinkage
  • Superior resistance to water exposure, high humidity and temperature extremes
  • Apply from 50° to 90°F
  • High gloss or matte finish
  • Chemical resistant
  • Outstanding value
  • Low odor
  • Mixed VOC <50 g/L (per EPA Method 24)
  • Interior / exterior applications
  • Passes 140°F Hot Mug Test
  • Graffiti resistant
  • Passes 4H pencil hardness test
  • For horizontal and vertical surfaces

Dura-Shell Kit _Gal_Quart_A_B


✓ Food processing areas

✓ Bottling areas

✓ Sanitize / wash areas

✓ Cook / chill areas

✓ Amusement parks

✓ Clean rooms

✓ Refineries, chemical processing facilities

✓ Kitchens

✓ Prison floors

✓ Storage tank / pipeline exteriors

Product Spec

Dura-Shell WB Specification

Data Sheets

US Technical Data Sheet

Canadian Technical Data Sheet

Application Guide


Dura-Shell WB Gloss Part A

Dura-Shell WB Gloss Part B

Dura-Shell WB Gloss 2 Part Kit

Dura-Shell WB Gloss Part A 4 Case

Dura-Shell WB Gloss 2 Part Custom Color

Dura-Shell WB Matte Part A

Dura-Shell WB Matte Part B

Dura-Shell WB Matte Part A 55G

Dura-Shell WB Matte Part B 55G

Dura-Shell WB Matte 2 Part Kit

SDS – Canada

Dura-Shell WB Gloss & Matte Part A

Dura-Shell WB Gloss & Matte Part B 

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