Metallics High Performance Flooring Systems    
METALLICS SYSTEM   Enter Square Footage  
Step Check box next to choose the layers needed Mix Ratio Theoretical Coverage (ft²/gal) Theoretical Wet Film Thickness (mils) Resin Needed (gallons) Metallic Pigment Quarts Needed    
Vapor-Shell (Use if concrete has moisture over 3lbs / 1000 sqft)    
1st Primer Coat Epoxy-Shell Black Knight    
2nd Metallic Coat Epoxy-Shell 1000    
Metallic Pigment Pack            
Poly-Shell 7000 Clear Coat    
Actual Totals          
Material to Order Size Item # Each Cost  total  
Epoxy-Shell 1000
15 gallon kit 231005
Epoxy-Shell 1000
3 gallon kit 231003
Epoxy-Shell 1000 Black
1.5 gallon kit 982014
1 gallon kit 245001   
Poly-Shell 7000
2 gallon kit 240002
Metallic Color Packs
2 Quart kit Color